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Artfully dodging the matters mad.

Studio Joe

This blog will be about art & artists, ideas & spaces, pursuits and places, and arm-wrestling with your good own self.

About Me


I’m a self-taught artist who grew up in Regina, Saskatchewan, and now lives in Victoria, British Columbia. For 16 years I lived in Toronto, Ontario, its Big City hub-bub a match for my inner one, resulting in the tail-chasing pursuit for “real work.” The move to a smaller city full of nature’s bounty has let the inside world flourish again.

Ever an anxious child, I thought I’d grow out of it, but didn’t. I grew into it, well and truly letting it take hold. I call the years I was 14-34 the Lost Years. Retreating, dropping out of school, various psychiatric labels, hospitalizations, and several back-to-society programs later…I found myself in Toronto, thrilling to the hum of a big city: a large enough reason to be anxious all the time. Who wouldn’t be?

There have been real-life successes – a happy marriage, college diploma, a significant work stint in an art supply store – as well as the pull-backs of my own past: depression, anger, and panic.

Although this personal story has certainly shaped the person I am today, it did not seem worthy of noting publicly. Now I feel it is all I can speak knowingly of – that and the restorative pursuit of creating art, the healing calm of nature.


Everything that we encounter leaves traces behind. Everything contributes imperceptibly to our education  {Goethe}