Found myself there


Born and raised in Saskatchewan, I have since lived in Edmonton, Toronto, Victoria, Prince Edward County, and currently, Cobourg, ON. (*Edit: Now living in Victoria, BC) The solitary nurture of the prairie expanse became my set nature; an interior topology held connected by the imagining & creating of art.

I received early recognition of my painting, and produced a fair body of work (sparse record of it now). Then I stopped for a long time. The painting and illustration work shown on this website represents a transitional period of exploration, arriving at this current place of full-time painting, for which I am grateful. I am working on two new series, both portrait based.

I have worked as a library technician, art supplies salesperson, wedding cake maker, short-order cook, nanny, costume break-down artist and book cover illustrator.

A self-taught artist, I continue to learn.

To view a petite CV please seeĀ Dawn Pearcey CV2015 (a PDF file)