Last week I announced to Malcolm that I needed to blog more, begin a Facebook page, attempt some Tweets….and possibly try Instagramming. All without a mobile device, an active social life, an adorable dog or a mischievous cat.

Malcolm portrait by Karen DayMalcolm portrait by Karen Day

He calmly announced back, “presence means content these days.” Hmm…show up, show that you showed up, share the evidence, track the evidence, compare and obsess, and put a big red check mark in the box beside your name. Here.

I confess I wanted to show up some how/where, and blogging seemed huge and small at the same time – conceptually far-flung, realistically close-called.

pearcey_d_invacuoin vacuo, from BookBook 2008 (altered journal)

Yesterday was a great example of content – I opened my little gouache pot, quiet for a couple of years, and painted areas of my current illustration work with velvet black cream. Gouache is lovely.

pearcey_d_gouchepotGouache pot is fun to say (sitting on Malcolm’s ink drawing)

pearcey_d_artsuppliesLook: new art supplies

Posed, filtered, and contrived for your viewing pleasure. This book, 9 Heads, by Nancy Riegelman has fantastic content: a guide to drawing fashion.

The skull was picked up on one of my Owl Farm walks last spring, along with Janna and her two dogs, Slippers and Pajamas. We began every morning with an hour long walk through farmer’s fields and small woods. Ah…..content (noun & verb).

Pj&SlippersStare-down through a tree

Slippers&PjI’m officially a dog poster (Slippers and Pajamas wait for their walk).

pearcey_d_dairydreamYesterday I also realized the Dairy Dream would soon re-open, even though we had snow today. And lest this all seems vacuous & fatuous, I do believe in civilized interaction with web-info for spurring creative thought and process.

Ideas cause ideas and help evolve new ideas. They interact with each other and with other mental forces in the same brain, in neighboring brains, and thanks to global communication, in far distant, foreign brains.  Roger Sperry, 1964 (1964!)

pearcey_d_malcolmContent: despite the presence of multiple filters, scratches, dings and dents, Malcolm stands firm.