Lovebirds 12×16, watercolour & satin varnish




Watercolour used to be a disciplined affair for me; flowers and birds, carefully controlled. But I also painted zebras at windows and cats amongst cushions – pattern on pattern, fur against textile, trying to convey human mood.

People became my subject; hair, clothing, and tattoos, the patterns. I added and subtracted words, collage, gouache, pencil, acrylic, and varnish to the sanded, scratched, and torn paper – textural emotion.

Current work steps away from the mash-ups, but they pushed me to fearlessness in watercolour. I bond my paper to cradled panel boards, finishing each painting with an isolation coat of acrylic gel and a final satin varnish with ultra-violet light stabilizers. Technically this makes them mixed media, but I consider them watercolour on paper, supervised yet evocative.