Daily Archives: April 3, 2014


Hello. Time flies between posts, but I have been in action mode:

dp_WorkTableSome days I take my work onto the dining room table, for the bigger surface and larger room around me. But things can get out of control, scattering my focus across several projects, and leading to non-completion of any one thing.

And so I go for a walk:

dp_SpringBeachRemember the icebergs from a few weeks ago? They’ve melted away, and the sound of lapping waves has returned to the beach, clicking back across carpets of tiny shells:

dp_ShellsThese make a satisfying crunch under one’s shoes. Also enjoyable is the gentle give of sand under one’s feet, softly turning the ankles this way and that.

dp_SandIceAreas of sand are still hard and echo my foot steps, leading to frozen shelves of icy sand holding firmly against the returning waves.

dp_SandCircleSomeone created a lovely circle on the beach, the inner sand settling into its own pattern.

And now I get back to work. I have three illustrations on the go for a client, four new portraits under way, and a new sketchbook entry done for my next post about dance, the body……and trouble.

dp_ActionThe day Malcolm created his own exercise equipment from what was at hand, no prob.

Effortless action Thursday, everyone.