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Autumn journey

pearcey_d_journeyAnd so here it is the middle of November, and we have moved to Victoria, BC. On October 3rd we sent our belongings off on a truck, we packed our car full of the bits, we said goodbye to family & friends in Ontario, and we hit the road.pearcey_d_perrysoundWe spent the weekend visiting family in Bracebridge, Ontario and then drove west towards Sault Ste. Marie for our first stopover. The weather was beautiful.pearcey_d_wawaDriving towards Thunder Bay we stopped in Wawa for lunch. It was desolate and raining.pearcey_d_lakesuperiorLake Superior is vast, the largest of the Great Lakes. We had ‘The Wreck of Edmund Fitzgerald’ {Gordon Lightfoot} playing in our heads.

pearcey_d_thunderbaySaying goodbye to the pink granite of Northern Ontario.pearcey_d_kenoraSnow welcomes our morning drive out of Ontario.pearcey_d_manitobaBut the sunshine returned as we drove through Manitoba – sigh – hello Prairies, my home land.pearcey_d_saskLeaving Saskatchewan in mid-October after a wonderful family Thanksgiving weekend.pearcey_d_albertaNearing Canmore, Alberta, and the majestic Three Sisters {Faith, Charity and Hope}
pearcey_d_lakelouiseThe turquoise water of Lake Louise. The air was crystal pure & crisp.pearcey_d_kamloopsA favourite part of our drive was through the Interior Plateau near Kamloops, BC, and onto the Coquihalla Highway. And up, up, up towards the Coquihalla Summit.pearcey_d_bcNearing the end of our beautiful road trip, and looking forward to being on the ferry over to Vancouver Island.pearcey_d_victoriaAnd so, here we are. Wherever you go, there you’ll be. Time to build a new stone collection.