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To busyness or not

Hello again. I seem to have vacated the premises, but I’m back in the saddle, so to speak. I’m not really a “one step forward, two steps back” kind of person, but rather, a “one step forward….and then stand very still” kind of person.

I’ve been working on an illustration commission for a soon-to-be clothing line, and it led me to play with extra illustrations using watercolour, gouache, and black ink (fine line markers).

pearcey_d_QueensCollage{Sneak peek at my six illustrations for Aria Boutique in Toronto}

These illustrations are anchored with black gouache, a medium I love but have not used often in my paintings. I felt like playing with black, pink watercolour tones, and some charming kooky font work. I mined my own early writing for the words.

pearcey_d_Clunkers{Clunkers, 8×12 watercolour/gouache/ink, ©Dawn Pearcey}

pearcey_d-Curlers{Curlers, 8×12 watercolour/gouache/ink ©Dawn Pearcey}

What to do about business? I recently commented on social media, and my lack thereof, but I have since opened an Instagram account and attached a “badge” in my sidebar over there on the right. I play so much with photography, I decided to send them out there. My round-about way of achieving this is through: a Canon G10 camera, iPhoto on an iMac, Snapseed filtering, and emailing to an iPad. So they are not really “instas”, but they do eventually arrive. I like the road. The other yield sign is that I have few/no connections to the general social world…even in person. It’s a bit of an experiment, then, to see how few followers I gather. I myself have been following three IG feeds, and from them I look at other artists’ photos, but it gets overwhelming. And everyone seems to have charming dogs to pull viewers in. I may have to appropriate the dogs I lived with at Owl Farm – Pajamas and Slippers – to help my cause. They’ve been my #1 photo subjects for the past few years.

Pajamas&Slippers{These two!}

Back to business – the busyness is all this photo & computer fiddling – I’ve also decided to mine my old work and create a business card.

pearcey_d_ZebraBiz{Business card crop from my zebra painting days}

I’ve also decided to stop bolding every first word of my paragraphs. Not sure what that was about, except that I believed it would grab attention. I’ve been emboldening myself with a little Brené Brown video and reading. She is smart and funny when addressing creativity, vulnerability, whole-heartedness, connection, and the courage to be imperfect.

I collect tons of good reading from Brain Pickings, I follow artist Lisa Congdon for art&life&and a great dog named Wilfredo, and I also follow the cross-America wanderings of artist Ariele Alasko. These three alone, along with Design Sponge, connect me to so much creative linkage, it’s humbling. But so whole-hearted!

Yikes – so many links. Time to paint. Happy Wednesday.