Where ideas begin


Here’s a more realistic view of my work table, as opposed to the one in my previous post. I’ve just completed a small portrait, the first of a new series.


Where do ideas begin? When I painted the four birds I call Big Songs to Little Women: the Warblers, I had the idea that little birds can sing BIG songs, especially to women who look genteel (Simplicity sewing pattern ladies).


I wanted to suggest that how we present ourselves visually brings reactions beyond our planned control. Tall tales and sad songs may ensue. But what if the women wore special outfits and had fancy words to arm themselves with? The armour of a well-dressed vocabulary.


I decided to try out some favourite words, beginning with Plaudits. Anyone donning a baby blue tuxedo deserves acclaim. This series will be about the Stare, the Outfit, the Word, the Hair…..oh, the hair.

Plaudits 8x10 watercolour & varnish on papered panel board

Plaudits 8×10, watercolour & varnish on papered panel board

I’ve been trying to figure out how to finish my edges. I used to paint the small edge white, and sand the paper to blend into the white. I waxed the unfinished wood with clear paste wax.


I’ve now decided to bring the painting around onto the small edge (which means using acrylic paint), and then seal the wood with a water-based varnish that slightly deepens the colour.


So far I really like this cleaner, tighter edge. The finished painting can be hung on the wall as is, or placed into a gallery canvas frame.