The brain is infinite, the skull is not

SkullI often dream that where I am living has rooms upon rooms I didn’t know were there. And each room has people and things I haven’t seen before, and activities that are well underway. And the harder I try to get back to what is familiar, the bigger and busier it all gets.BlackBrainCreative ideas are flooding right now, but they all pull with equal force. There’s impatience for change, but fear or apathy holding me back. I believe this comes from wanting structure to the expression of the ideas, and clear thinking about the ideas being expressed.

HeadFreezeCreativity requires the courage to let go of certainties……the quest for certainty blocks the search for meaning {Erich Fromm}

To avoid stasis, I tell myself that inching forward is still an advancing away from nothing. And nothing is a certainty, a choice, an empty drawer when you pull it open.


Here are the ideas, contained in a list, but prefaced by this memo:Order

1. The Plaudits Gang {Big Words for the Aptly Dressed}Gang

2. The Shoe SelfiesShoeSelfies

3. The Atop a Grand White Platter bookPlatter

4. The selfie Instagram-ization of 2010 Self photos and the portrait paintings therefromMeGramsNow that needs a blog post of its own – stay tuned.

5. The commissioned work (erm….left that to last)

KolinskyIt’s hard to say what the magic ingredient is other than perseverance  {Rachel Sussman}

Hello & what are your thoughts?

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