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Blog revisited

Hello. I’ve decided to blog again, mostly to organize thoughts around a new body of work. It sits there waiting through thick or thin, so here goes a new exit plan.

Originally I was going to blog about the process of art-making being a road to good mental health (for me), but now I intend to share the actual process more than the theorizing about cause & effect. There’s a distance that previously felt safe, but now just feels…distant.

I’m in! 2017 was a low year, a year of gravity. However, it lead me to begin writing again and I won third prize in a creative nonfiction flash writing contest (I’ll share that in a separate post). And from there I began painting again, and then cleaned up my website – with a new About page (*2023 edit: a new, short About statement is on Home page). What had seemed monumental, now seems calmly doable.

2018 sees levity air-bubbling itself back in – cheers!